Are CAD Jobs in Demand?

Are CAD Jobs in Demand

Are you wondering if CAD jobs are in demand? Whether you want to become a CAD drafter, or someone else working with computer-aided design (CAD), this guide will help you make the decision.  

CAD jobs are in demand for those with the right skills, experiences, and education. There are some parts of the world that will offer more opportunities than others. And, those who have spent a lot of time building their resume will have more opportunities. 

Let’s explore the different aspects of demand for CAD jobs. CAD jobs is a rather broad term, but we’ll try to break it down into specific, measurable jobs. 

Let’s jump in! 

Are CAD jobs Expected to Grow in Demand? 

In general terms, CAD jobs are expected to grow over the next years, with a projected growth of about 7%. However, this is a wide-scope analysis, and there will be much variability depending on individual circumstances. 

For CAD jobs, there are several different types of jobs available, from CAD drafters to CAD designers. What’s the difference between the two? Is one more in demand than the other? 

Different Types of CAD Jobs 

Let’s take a moment to look at two different types of CAD jobs, specifically CAD designers and CAD drafters. 

Let’s begin with CAD designers. 

CAD Designers and Career Outlook 

CAD Designers tend to have a more senior position when it comes to computer design. They are expected to have a greater understanding of the process with which they are designing. Not only that, but CAD designers often start as CAD drafters, who often work with CAD drafters. 

CAD designers have a good career outlook and job demand; however, they may find it more difficult to find a job than CAD drafters, simply due to the fact that the job requires more skill and will require more work experience. 

Those who are CAD designers may be required to have more on-site work depending on the job. Also, there are times when CAD designers may be in more demand, as they often have a wider skillset and more experience. 

So, while finding super high-paying CAD designers’ jobs may be more difficult than finding entry-level CAD drafter jobs, the CAD designer may have more overall greater job security. 

Now let’s talk about CAD drafter jobs and their demand. 

CAD Drafter Jobs and Demand 

Just like CAD designers, CAD drafters are also in demand; however, they don’t have as many skills as CAD designers, so this can create several scenarios. 

First, the CAD drafter will be less likely to find as high paying a job as the CAD designers, as they don’t have as many skills or as much experience.  

However, on the other hand, CAD drafters may have less specific training (as they usually aren’t required to have as much knowledge of a specific topic), so this means they may have more options available, as their skills will translate more. 

Now, let’s talk about a few tips for finding CAD jobs, and ensuring your CAD drafter jobs stays in demand. 

How to Increase CAD Job Market Value Through Training 

Now that we’ve talked about the general CAD job forecast, let’s go into some ways that people can increase their demand as CAD drafters or designers. 

We should note here, that sometimes, there are many other jobs, particularly engineering jobs, that require CAD skills. In these cases, there will be a requirement to receive an engineering degree in the specific field in which the person will be working. 

For example, some CAD designers who work on civil projects may have a degree in civil engineering. 

Here are several ways to increase demand for CAD job seekers: 

  • Apprenticeship 
  • Technical Course/Certifications
  • College 

Let’s look at these in more detail.

Apprentice Ship and CAD Job Demand 

If you get an apprenticeship in CAD work this can increase the likelihood of landing a job. Why? It works in several ways. 

First, apprenticeships give you the opportunity to work with someone who really knows the job. Not only will they show you how to do the job, but they will often help you navigate finding good jobs. 

Second, an apprenticeship helps you gain connections in the industry. Word of mouth is a powerful thing. If an established CAD pro can give you a good referral, then you should be able to find a good job – and you’ll be in, overall, higher demand. 

Now let’s talk about another type of training. 

Technical Course/Certifications and CAD Job Demand 

Technical courses are really good at ensuring you have the skills you need to perform the job. Certificates work the same way. If the certificate is valued in the industry, then you will be able to catch the attention of recruiters. 

Certificates and technical classes are good for those people who know what they want to do and want to raise their chances of finding a job in that field. If you decide to go the route of technical classes, then ensure you have at least a general idea of the type of CAD work that you’d like to do. 

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of college and its effects on demand. 

College for CAD Jobs

A college degree can help increase a person’s job market value in several ways. For those looking for a CAD job, college opens several doors. 

First, the college will give you a broad foundation of knowledge. This will help you feel confident to look for many different types of jobs. 

Also, college does more than provide a broad range of skills – it allows students to form connections and build a network. This alone can help people find good CAD jobs, and increase their demand. 

Now that we’ve talked about some of the education requirements, let’s talk about some of the specific areas of knowledge that can come in handy for those seeking a career in CAD. 

Experiences that Raise Demand for CAD Professionals 

On top of various types of education, there are many types of experiences that can raise the chances of being effective and wanted CAD drafter or designer. It’s not to say that without these skills you can’t get a job, but it is to say that some of these experiences can help you. 

Here are some experiences that may raise demand for CAD pros: 

  • Construction experience 
  • Engineering experience 
  • Computer experience 

Let’s go into these in more depth.

How Construction Experience Could Affect CAD Job Demand 

Many CAD designer jobs involve creating plans for various parts of a building. With that said, there are several ways construction experience can help someone land a CAD job. 

First, construction experience will give CAD professionals an idea of the practical side of their designs. This will help them create more succinct, more applicable plans. This reduces errors and increases communication between the design and the building teams. 

Second, construction experience will raise the demand for the professional, as various companies will see this on the resume and know that someone has what it takes to complete the job. It raises the level of faith in the person, increasing their demand. 

How Engineering Experience Could Affect CAD Job Demand 

Construction experience can certainly help raise a worker’s market value, but that’s not the only type of experience that can increase demand. Indeed, skills in engineering could have an even greater impact when it comes to increasing the demand for CAD pros. 

Why is this? Well, many engineers are already working as CAD professionals (or are familiar with CAD software). In fact, there may be some engineers who went to school for that very purpose. With that said, engineers have a set of hard skills that are directly applicable to CAD. Engineers have the ability to think on their feet, solve problems, and work well with teams – which is absolutely essential. 

Let’s talk about one more way to raise demand for CAD workers. 

Experience With Computers Could Raise CAD Pro Demand 

Finally, those who have strong computer skills may also find that these skills translate well to CAD and that, in turn, these skills raise the demand for CAD pros. The term computer is in the name CAD, so it makes sense that those who are very comfortable with computers and computer programs will be well suited for the job. 

Indeed, those who have experience with programs for graphic design, or who have worked as web developers will likely find themselves picking up on CAD quickly. And, those who know the CAD software well enough will raise their value in the eyes of employers. 

Now, let’s wrap everything up with our conclusion. 

Final Thoughts on CAD Job Demand 

CAD jobs are in demand, and they are growing in demand. However, CAD jobs do require some training, and to get high-paying CAD jobs, people will need some extra experience and advanced certifications. 

As more and more companies need people with CAD skills, there may be more standardization and a shift toward requiring technical training. 

For those who want to increase their market value as CAD professionals, they will need to begin achieving experience, trying to maintain and achieve greater certifications, and to, if they can, establish higher level education.